Membership Packages - A Quick Review

Every business is different - and that means different priorities, different pressure points, different aims and objectives and, of course, different budgets. Whatever you’re looking to get from Chamber membership, you can select the package tailored to give maximum value and return on investment to you and your organisation.


Standard Membership Packages - from less than £1 per day

Standard membership fees are tailored to your organisations profile, size, industry type and location. This is because the bigger you are the more benefits you can access, the greater savings you can enjoy.

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International Trade Membership - £1000’s per year to be saved

If your company trades internationally, you could potentially save thousands of pounds every year and benefit from unique networking opportunities, trade visits and lots more.

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Become A Patron - want to increase your influence?

With many of the regions leading businesses choosing to be a patron, you know it must make business sense. With exclusive access to Chamber events and tailored benefits, how could your business capitalise from becoming a Patron?

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Strategic Partners - do you have what it takes?

Incorporating the largest employers, universally-recognised brands - Strategic Partners arrangement includes elite sponsorship opportunities, high-level networking and access to brand and profile-raising platforms.

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Would you like to discuss an aspect of Chamber membership?

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Whatever your organisation’s size, industry type and location, ask yourself this question: If becoming a member actually saves me more than the subscription – as well as providing hundreds of tangible and added-value benefits and opportunities - what’s the reason for not becoming a member?

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