How to Promote Your Business

The Chamber’s marketing team is there to help promote your business in print, online and through the broadcast media.

This guide summarises those opportunities and explains what we need from you to make it happen.

This is a free service for Chamber members. If you have a news story or announcement, you could be featured to thousands of prominent and influential business professionals through the Chamber’s eshots and flagship Business Network magazine.

Promoting your business in our printed media:

Business Network Magazine

Ten times a year (monthly except August and January) the Chamber publishes a members’ magazine which has a print run of 5,000 and an estimated readership of more than 15,000.

Editorial coverage in the magazine is free but must be newsworthy and not a blatant advert or sales pitch - although advertising options are available.

Submission of news items for the magazine does not guarantee publication. Advertising rates are heavily discounted for Chamber members. To learn more about advertising costs, have a look at the media pack.

Editorial prerogative for the magazine rests with the Chamber but is published on behalf of the Chamber by Kemps, which sets the advertising rates. The magazine is also published online, which means that in addition to hitting a targeted regional market it has global exposure.

Promoting your business in our online media:

The Chamber’s Website

The Chamber’s website receives, on average, over 107,000 unique visits a year. About a third of all visits to the website are to our news portals, where there are editorial opportunities for members to showcase their business.

Press releases and pictures submitted for the magazine will automatically be considered for publication on the news portal of the website, sometimes as an alternative to other publication, sometimes in addition. Submission of news items does not guarantee publication.

Job Vacancies

Job vacancies can be advertised free on the website. There is a format you must follow but all you have to do is look at published examples to determine what we need.

Member-to-Member Offers

Member-to-member offers can be promoted free on the website. Again, there is a pre-set format.

Members’ Directory Listing

All members are listed in our Members’ Directory on the website, with the option to search by sector and location.


Our Members’ Showcase eshot goes out weekly and is a great opportunity to promote your business's latest news and achievements as well as your products and services. Unlike the magazine and website news page, which is editorial-based, members are able to promote their products, services and events here.

Promoting your business in our broadcast media:

The Chamber does not have its own broadcast service but has very good connections with regional (and some national) radio and television programmes which often want case studies.

Many of our senior staff are frequent guests on regional news programmes and are occasionally asked to speak against a commercial or industrial backdrop. When this happens we always seek to ensure the backdrop is a Chamber member.

Quarterly Economic Survey

In our Quarterly Economic Survey we always ask respondents if they would be willing to be used as case studies. To be included, just let us know. It costs you nothing and can lead to unprecedented exposure, even on the BBC.

What we need from you

Here's some general guidance on how to prepare your information but in the first instance, if you want to discuss any editorial/promotional opportunities, call us on 0333 320 0333, asking for Nathan Fearn, Publications Manager/Editor, Business Network, or James Stone, Digital Marketing Executive. Alternatively you can submit your material to

When submitting material (especially in relation to Business Network):

• Do - remember you are writing for a predominantly business audience.
• Do - read the magazine so you have an idea of what we use and how we use it.
• Do - send us copy as text in an email or in Word documents.
• Do - include images if applicable (of at least 1MB, well lit and in focus).

• Don’t - send newsletters or links – send press releases.
• Don’t - embed images in documents, please send as separate attachments.

Submissions should include the six basic ingredients of a news story

Who, what, where, when, why and how. They should be concise, factually accurate, topical and free from comment, ie, only state you are the ‘leading manufacturer of life-size plastic sheep’ if you can prove it. We will cut out what we deem to be promotional makeweight.

Think - would you want to read your story if it were about another company or person? 

If you need help drafting a press release, call us and talk to us. We’re happy to help.