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East Midlands Chamber News

New Government guidance on navigating Brexit


The Government has published online guidance to help businesses navigate Brexit.

In a more simplified form than the previous Brexit papers, it contains links to advice on areas identified as being of concern business. The specific headings are:

  • Employing EU citizens
  • Importing, exporting and transporting
  • Operating in the EU
  • Regulations and standards for products and goods
  • Using personal data
  • European and domestic funding
  • Intellectual property
  • Energy and climate, and
  • Public sector procurement.

The site, https://euexitbusiness.campaign.gov.uk/, which has the headline “Prepare Your Business for EU Exit” also includes a survey through which firms can identify steps they should be taking and feedback to Government what their biggest concerns are.

Scott Knowles, Chief Executive at the Chamber, said: “While not endorsing any political commentary on the site, we would recommend businesses take the time to look at the advice available and to complete the survey. Only by continually feeding Government information about our wishes and concerns can we hope to influence its decisions.”

There is also a lot of Brexit advice available elsewhere on this, the Chamber’s website’s Brexit Support portal, including a checklist that businesses should be referring to regularly and frequent updates of the latest news about Brexit.