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Penny Price Aromatherapy launches new vegan skincare range for men

Leicestershire-based Penny Price Aromatherapy has launched a new men's skincare range - and is highlighting the importance of skincare for men and their wellbeing. 

The company, based in Hinkley, has launched an all-natural and vegan range, "Black Spruce", specifically for men and director Ellie Dunmore hopes this will help raise awareness around the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

She said: "Across the UK the ‘stiff upper lip’ as an expected response by men to pain and emotion is all too common. These attitudes can become damaging to mental health and emotional wellbeing and may cause many people to not ask for help.

"The growing trend of wellbeing and wellness is opening barriers and giving people the opportunity to improve wellbeing without there being a stigma of ‘anything being wrong’. This return to our roots is essential in these modern days of synthetic medication and quickfix solutions. Essential oils can be a great additional way of supporting men’s health."

The new hair and body range contains essential oils for sensitive skin and the collection is in aluminium containers to keep the products cool and recyclable, while also being vegan accredited.