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These courses will no longer be delivered via the project but further information can be sought here

The University of Derby recognise the need for flexibility when balancing learning alongside work. As such, the programme has been designed to allow you to tailor your learning to your individual needs. There are four taught units, each taking place over two sessions and you can decide whether to take one, two, three or all four units.

At the end of each unit, participants will be invited to complete an activity in relation to that unit. This is optional, but those that do complete the activity will be awarded a Completion Certificate that recognises the additional work and hours undertaken.

Level 4 Qualification – Participants who attend and submit completion activities for all four units will then have the option to gain a University of Derby accredited Level 4 qualification. This will involve further self-paced study, an additional tutor-led session and the submission of a final piece of work.


Fully Funded Courses

The Smart and Inclusive Leadership programme (SAIL) is fully funded, meaning they are offered without any cost to eligible participants. This is possible thanks to funding from the European Social Fund and the delivery partners, which include University of Derby, Derby College, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, Enable, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham College and the Workers’ Educational Association.

course criteria

What subjects does the course cover?


Leadership and culture


Managing in difficult circumstances


Building key relationships (internal and external)


Staff engagement and developing high performing teams


Effective communication skills and creative problem solving during difficult times

fully funded

Courses available

Delivery of the programme uses a blend of online learning methods including live webinars, self-paced study and peer group seminar discussions, all delivered through Microsoft Teams.

In future and in line with government guidelines, we will also look to offer face to face delivery and if you have 12 or more team members looking to take part, we can run an exclusive course at your place of work or convenient location.

reflect and develop

Developing Your Inner Leader

This part of the programme offers you an opportunity to reflect upon your approach to leadership, how you lead and how you will develop your leadership approach going forward. The unit is designed for those who are new to leadership, managers considering a leadership role or leaders who are looking for some reflective space to review how they lead.

identify new strategies

Leadership Through Challenge and Change

This course introduces you to a selection of academic tools you can use to lead and solve problems during times of uncertainty, challenge and change. You are invited to take a step back and look at how you deal with challenges and change within an organisational context and identify new strategies that you can take into the workplace. The unit is designed for those who are new to leadership, managers considering a leadership role or leaders who are looking for the opportunity to consider new tools and review how they lead in this challenging business environment.

understand and support

Inclusive Leadership

In this course, you will discover the areas that need to be considered to ensure you are an inclusive leader. You will learn how to better understand and support the individual needs of all team members, helping them to develop and unlock their full potential to improve productivity, staff retention and wellbeing.


Leader as Coach and Mentor

During this course, you will explore how coaching and mentoring can support developmental growth and learning for individuals and teams. You will examine the practical process of coaching, how to prepare to make the most of every coaching opportunity and see how the application of coaching and mentoring can help to successfully and intentionally develop the business, one person at a time.

This course is available to employees of Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are based in the D2N2 area (Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, and Nottinghamshire).
SMEs are defined as:

– Less than 250 employees
– Annual turnover under EUR 50 million or;
– Annual balance sheet less than EUR 43 million

These courses will no longer be delivered via the project but further information can be sought here

further information

For further information, please contact Vicki Thompson by calling 07469 148833 or via email.