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Start-up Business Advice & Support

The Chamber, as the region’s leading business support organisation, offers a huge amount of guidance, support and to advise those looking to start – or that have recently started – a new business.

Business Start up supportBecoming self-employed and starting a business can be extremely rewarding and profitable but obtaining the right guidance, support and advice is essential in order to turn ideas into reality and turning that reality into profit and business growth.

Every new business needs support and advice to ensure that their venture has the greatest chance of success and to assess likely challenges and opportunities at what is a critical and crucial time in a business’s development.

Wherever you’re based within Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire, and whatever your vision, the Chamber can put you in touch with experts, consultants and programmes that are uniquely placed to help your business get off the ground and, ultimately, flourish.

To get started, contact the Chamber’s dedicated Information team on 0333 320 0333 or email

If you live in Derbyshire, then please visit the D2 Business Starter programme. The Chamber is a key delivery partner for this programme, which aims to support individuals looking to start a business get the necessary advice, and information to take the right steps to establishing or launching a new business.