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Chamber Foreign Exchange

A bespoke FX and international payments service for chamber members, provided by moneycorp

One element of international trade that can change significantly and have a direct impact on a business’s ability to successfully trade internationally is the exposure to fluctuation in Foreign Currency Exchange (FX) rates.

Such changes can often be the difference between profit and loss. Rather than being just reactive to changes out of your control, the Chamber can help you understand the importance of thorough FX knowledge and planning, along with access to BCC-endorsed, discounted FX services from trusted and world-renowned partners.

Provided by Moneycorp, an award-winning foreign exchange specialist with over 35 years’ experience in currency exchange, the Chamber’s Foreign Exchange is a package of products helping companies save money and reduce the risks surrounding foreign exchange transactions.

This service, and the expertise and knowledge accessed through it, means that businesses can:

  • Make and receive overseas payments
  • Hedge currency risk - for example by fixing rates in advance to help deal with currency fluctuations
  • Receive competitive exchange rates
  • Access free online currency accounts
  • Reduced transfer fees
  • Obtain practical guidance and a foreign exchange health check

For more information on the Chamber's Foreign Exchange Advise service and to access this service, please click here, email