Editorial and Themes

Each magazine carries a different theme relating to business and upcoming themes.

Please note – while there is a theme that runs throughout each edition, editorial content from members does not have to be aligned to any given theme.

The first editorial section of the magazine is members’ news but there are also opportunities to be included in other sections such as business support (technology, legal, finance, property, and skills), international, the focus feature, Sustainable East Midlands and even politics.

Editorial coverage in the magazine is free. Submission of news items for the magazine does not guarantee publication. The editorial team reserves the right to edit submissions accordingly to ensure content is aligned to the look, feel, style and consistency of the magazine and, due to time pressure and the sheer number of submissions, it is not possible to provide proofs to contributors prior to the magazine going to print.

Deadlines are the beginning of the month prior to publication date (eg 1 Feb for March edition).

Business Network themes in 2022

February: Manufacturing and engineering

March: Diversity and inclusion

April: Generation Next

May: Property and construction


July/August: Future of the East Midlands economy (retail/logistics/town and city centres)

September: Enterprising Women

October: Legal and professional services

November: Sustainable business

December/January: Smart technology (AI, IoT, VR)


Submitting content

Submissions should include the six basic ingredients of a news story – who, what, where, when, why and how. They should be concise, factually accurate, topical and free from comment, ie, only state you are the ‘leading manufacturer of life-size plastic sheep’ if you can prove it. We will cut out what we deem to be promotional makeweight.

Think - would you want read your story if it were about another company or person?

When submitting material for consideration for publication


  • Remember you are writing for a predominantly business audience
  • Read the magazine first so that you have an idea of what we use and how we use it
  • Feel free to suggest future feature ideas
  • Send us copy as text in an email or in Word documents - not PDFs
  • Include images (of at least 1MB)


  • Send us anniversaries or birthdays. We have 4,300+ members and they all have birthdays every year, we don’t have space for 410 birthdays a month so we don’t publish them – however, such milestones can be included in our Members’ Showcase e-shot by emailing marketing@emc-dnl.co.uk
  • Send us a company resumé or just a link to a press release
  • Send newsletters or links – send press releases
  • Embed images in documents
  • If you need help drafting a press release or don't know if your story is good enough, call us and talk to us. We’re here to help you.

For more guidelines on contributing articles, click here.