Meet Jason Roper
Digital Upscaler Technology Adviser

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Jason has had a long, successful career in people-centric digital business transformation and is a highly respected Agile, Lean and Scrum business process and digital systems expert. During his time working in the sector, he has successfully driven CRM, ERP, SaaS, cloud, full-stack, and innovation-centric R&D implementation projects. He’s also a certified web, eCommerce, social media expert, and all of this combined means he brings a wealth of knowledge to Digital Upscaler.

Areas of Jason’s expertise that are currently benefitting businesses just like yours:

  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Implementation of Digital Workspace Strategies
  • Change Culture
  • Technology Integration
  • Digital Adoption
  • Software Development Life Cycle

How could one-to-one Digital Technology Advice from Jason benefit your business?

Image of Jason Roper

Jason works closely with SMEs from across the East Midlands. He casts a critical eye over system development or implementation and drawing on many years of Agile and Lean experience, helps answer tough questions, map business processes end-to-end, and drive success.

During 2.5 years on the Digital Upscaler Project Team, he’s successfully helped many businesses in our region to maximise their growth potential. His pragmatic, hands-on, jargon-free approach ensures the technology advice he offers is accessible at all levels.

When you engage with Jason, you can be assured that every minute spent with him will be guided by his professional philosophies, which include:

  • Embrace technology and automation to enable teams to reduce screen time and build better relationships.
  • Ensure businesses can make informed and considered decisions about their technology investments.
  • Maintain absolute impartiality and provide pragmatic, digital transformation advice that’s in the client’s best interest.
  • Drive a ‘Servant Leader’ culture to promote a ‘people first, system second’ mindset.

Jason says: “I understand the complexities of implementing technology into an organisation and the process change and culture challenges that arise within the workforce. I take a top-down approach with people always at the forefront of my work.”

To find out if your business can take advantage of the Digital Upscaler Project please complete and return our questionnaire or contact us for a no-obligation discovery call: T: 0330 053 8639

How can you contact Jason: 

Telephone: 0333 320 0333
Mobile: 07388 379 407
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