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Innovate UK EDGE

**We will be updating this section of our site to reflect that we are now delivering bespoke growth and scaling support for innovative businesses on behalf of Innovate UK EDGE. Formerly, we referred to ourselves as a delivery partner for Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). We remain a partner for EEN and our clients will continue to benefit from EEN’s resources such as access to international markets. Please visit to learn more about Innovate UK EDGE and its vision for specialist-led growth support tailored for innovative businesses**





For growing, innovative businessesEuropean Flags

Innovate UK EDGE is part of Innovate UK’s connecting network. It helps growing businesses to:

  • manage innovation, commercialise great ideas and grow
  • access long-term finance from the public and private sectors
  • connect to a network of advisers spanning more than 60 countries
  • connect to partners to develop products or services
  • expand into new countries with help from local experts