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The Chamber’s network of experienced, internationally-focused professionals share one core objective – to help businesses of all sizes succeed overseas.

Whether you’re looking to trade overseas for the first time or seeking a fresh trading opportunity.

The Chamber’s holistic approach to international trade ensures that whatever your vision, you can rely on us to supply the guidance and assistance needed to help achieve your goals. That’s why, upon receiving a BCC award, the judges specifically praised the Chamber for its “expertise on trade links and in-depth knowledge of its market”.

Starting out

If you’re considering embarking on a journey to international trade success, the Chamber’s team can offer a one-stop-shop service to would-be traders and that starts with arming you with the fundamental knowledge, insight and information you need to make your international aspirations a reality.

Through one-to-one advice, targeted ‘how-to’ workshops, fact-finding events to putting you in touch with sector or country-specific partners and experts, the Chamber’s multifaceted international approach makes us the place to turn to if you’re looking to start out in international trade.

Documentation Advice

When importing or exporting, the right paperwork is crucial. Not getting this right can increase risks, lead to possible delays, incur additional costs or even stop a deal from being completed.

However, the Chamber transforms this potentially confusing and complicated element of international trade into a smooth process, with our export docs service, advice and expertise trusted and utilised throughout the year by businesses of all sizes – with around 20,000 export documents issued each year for clients, accompanying over £500m worth of goods.

Provided by the chamber

Types of documentation services

documentation advice

UK and Arab British Certificates of Origin

documentation advice

EUR 1 Movement certificates to gain preferential duty rates in selected countries

documentation advice

Letters of Credit service from checking to full presentation avoiding costly delays when getting paid

documentation advice

International Import Certificates

ATA Carnets

ATA Carnets are for temporary exports of exhibition equipment and commercial samples to save on costly import duties in selected countries.

The ATA Carnet acts as a passport for goods, and simplifies the customs formalities, by reducing the amount of paper required.

Chamber Customs is a customs declaration service delivered by the Chamber for UK importers and exporters, of all sizes.


One element of international trade that can change significantly and have a direct impact on a business’s ability to successfully trade internationally is the exposure to fluctuation in Foreign Currency Exchange (FX) rates.

Such changes can often be the difference between profit and loss. Rather than being just reactive to changes out of your control, the Chamber can help you understand the importance of thorough FX knowledge and planning, along with access to BCC-endorsed, discounted FX services from trusted and world-renowned partners.

Provided by Moneycorp, an award-winning foreign exchange specialist with over 35 years’ experience in currency exchange, the Chamber’s Foreign Exchange is a package of products helping companies save money and reduce the risks surrounding foreign exchange transactions.

This service, and the expertise and knowledge accessed through it, means that businesses can:


Make and receive overseas payments


Hedge currency risk


Receive competitive exchange rates


Access free online currency accounts


Reduced transfer fees


Obtain practical guidance and a foreign exchange health check

choosing carefully

Getting Paid and Letters of Credit

Because getting paid in full and on time is important for each export sale, an appropriate payment method must be chosen carefully.
There are various ways you can minimise risk and ensure you get paid correctly and on time when trading overseas and the Chamber is adept at assisting you to make sure this happens, as well as offering relevant training, so that you can concentrate on maximising your international aspirations and strategy.

One way, depending on the circumstances, of reducing the risks of trading in an unfamiliar or unknown market is to use a letter of credit. There are several different types available and the Chamber’s expert guidance can help ensure you’re full equipped with the right processes and documentation.

choosing carefully

Finding Trusted Partners

Identifying and connecting with individuals, organisations and stakeholders – ranging from manufacturers, distributors and suppliers - both domestically and internationally is a great, and necessary, way for your business to establish and grow in international markets.

The Chamber, through its renowned and extensive network of partners, can help connect you with the right people that you and your business needs – not just at the start of your journey, but in a way that can harvest long-standing and successful relationships and partnerships.


For more information on the Chamber’s documentation, advice and support, call the International team on 0333 320 0333.

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