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Generation Next Members Only – The Power of Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Personal Development

12/12/2024 9:30 am

12/12/2024 10:30 am


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This event is exclusively for members of Generation Next.

Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to refine your leadership skills or a newcomer eager to embark on a successful career path, Generation Next’s event promises to be a catalyst for personal and professional development.


Generation Next will bring together industry experts from its mentoring team to discuss valuable insights and actionable strategies to enable you to get the most from a coaching and mentoring relationship.

What outcomes can you expect from joining us

• Learn how to establish meaningful connections with your mentor and help create a coaching environment conducive to growth.
• Explore effective communication techniques to foster understanding, trust, and collaboration.
• Understand the art of setting and achieving realistic goals through coaching and mentoring, enhancing both personal and professional development.
• Gain insights into assessing and measuring the success of coaching and mentoring programs, ensuring continuous improvement and tangible outcomes.

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