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Leicestershire Local Skills Improvement Plan

Help us shape future skills and investment across Leicester and Leicestershire


Shaping the Future of the East Midlands

Help us to shape future skills, knowledge and behaviours by aligning local education with the needs of local employers. Our trailblazer project, the Leicester and Leicestershire Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP), continues to successfully develop relationships with education providers and local businesses. Together, we can improve employability.

Read the full Leicester and Leicestershire LSIP

The Leicester and Leicestershire LSIP has the overarching goal:
To be recognised as the best place in the country for developing people with the skills needed for businesses to thrive, the economy to grow and individuals to succeed.

At its heart, the LSIP aims to support the development of a local skills landscape that can enable the delivery of economic growth, and in doing so support business success and the lives of those that live, work and study in Leicester and Leicestershire.

To do this, the LSIP outlines priority areas for focus and makes recommendations for actions that can be taken to achieve success against those priorities.

You can find Annex A (here) and Annex B (here)

The evidence underpinning this work has been collated as part of the Collective Skills Intelligence Observatory (CISO) – one site that automates, collates and curates primary and secondary data relating to the people supply and demand needs of the local area. In addition to showcasing the evidence, the CISO has been developed to be used as a live tool to help educators, businesses and citizens better understand the skills landscape in Leicester and Leicestershire, helping people to make better informed decisions in support of the LSIP’s goal.
The CISO, which also includes details of the Trailblazer and interim report, should be viewed alongside this document and can be accessed here:

Improving employability

Building links between people and business needs

Following the successful LSIP trailblazer, the Chamber is now leading on full delivery for Leicester and Leicestershire. The project aims to build stronger, evidence-based links between people, business needs, and educational provision in Leicester and Leicestershire.

To do this we’re examining the key knowledge, skills and behaviour requirements of businesses, mapping these against existing provision.

Chamber Schools

Working with schools across our three counties, we are fully committed to bridging the skills gap by bringing education and businesses closer together. As a school, you can access outstanding opportunities, benefits and support. Become a Chamber Schools member.


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