Helping your business grow

Whether through optimising processes, upskilling your people or reducing costs through membership benefits – The Chamber connects you to funding, skills, new people, expert help and provides a platform where you and your business can flourish.

Business growth can take many forms. It may mean increased revenue, higher sales, greater profitability, investing in staff, raising your profile, obtaining the latest business trends and insights, upgrading infrastructure or taking advantage of new and innovative digital capabilities. We know that every company’s set of circumstances and priorities are different. That's why, whatever growth looks like for you, we're on hand with our dedicated advisers and services to offer the support you need to help your business flourish.

Business Advice and Support

Whether you need to speak to our dedicated information team or access documents relating to important legislation, support and advice from us is never more than a phone call or click away.
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Access to Funding

We can identify the latest growth-enabling grants and funding opportunities for you. Whether you need funding for innovation, relocation, capital investment or another reason, the Chamber is here to help.
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Reducing Your Costs

Reducing costs and business growth go hand-in-hand. The Chamber offers exclusive products, services, programmes and advice to ensure your business is as efficient and productive as possible.
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Increasing Your Sales

Being on the pulse and in prime position to take advantage of new and existing business opportunities are crucial to short-, mid- and long-term success. The Chamber can help keep your order book full.
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Raising Your Profile

Even the most successful businesses need exposure. The Chamber’s comprehensive promotional platforms help get your products and services out there – no matter what your size or sector.
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Protecting Your Business

From evolving online security threats to changes in legislation affecting business, the Chamber has the tools and expertise to help keep your business robust so you can concentrate on growth.
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Employment Services

To stay competitive you need exceptional people with the right skills who feel valued and supported. Equally, a business needs to attract the best talent. In both regards, the Chamber is here to help.
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Business Growth Events and Workshops

The business climate is ever-changing. Through the Chamber’s wide range of growth-enabling, interactive events and workshops, businesses can tap into industry experts and share best practice.
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Virtual Office and Managed Workspace

Not every small business is ready for its own premises and that’s why the Chamber offers a tailored, comprehensive virtual office service. The Chamber also offers flexible tenant accommodation.
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