Meet David Dobson
Digital Upscaler Technology Adviser

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David began his professional journey in IT support, as a certified Systems Engineer (Microsoft, Novell and Dell) and rapidly progressed into senior IT and project management roles. Over the last 20 years he’s been successfully working as a self-employed IT/Business Consultant, providing bespoke creative solutions to businesses throughout our region. But his talents don’t end there; as a certified Robbins-Madanes Life/Business Coach, he also brings a level of mindfulness and understanding around the needs of clients making use of these digital solutions. 

In all, David has more than three decades of IT experience across many industry sectors. Key areas of his expertise that businesses like yours can benefit from include:

  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Cloud Computing

How could one-to-one Digital Technology Advice from David benefit your business?

Image of David Dobson

David works closely with businesses across the East Midlands to support them with strategic development and planning and helps them achieve their business goals through astute digital strategy. He’s highly regarded for helping businesses apply imaginative, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and innovative IT solutions, to solve complex business challenges.

During his time on the Digital Upscaler Project team, he’s worked with SMEs from a diverse range of commercial areas and is committed to: 

  • Providing broad technical and operational knowledge, underpinned by a granular attention to detail.
  • Helping our clients to access technology grants to fuel their growth plans.
  • Remaining focused and detail-driven without losing sight of the bigger picture; making his contribution even more valuable to our customers’ strategic decision- making process.

To find out if your business can take advantage of the Digital Upscaler Project please complete and return our questionnaire or contact us for a no-obligation discovery call: T: 0330 053 8639

How you can contact David:

Telephone: 0333 320 0333
Mobile: 07920 336 458
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