Meet Tom Conway
Digital Upscaler Technology Adviser

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Enjoying a varied career that began running his own software development business, Tom has worked across a wide variety of business sectors. Over his many years in the industry, he’s developed the experience, skills, and knowledge needed to deliver intensive technology expertise to clients, including coaching & mentoring for high growth businesses and digital consultancy services to SMEs. 

Areas of Tom’s expertise that are currently benefitting businesses just like yours:

  • Digital Solutions 

  • Business Coaching and Mentoring 

  • Business Planning and Growth 

  • Online Sales and Marketing Strategies

  • Software Development 

  • Networks and Communications

How could Tom’s expertise in digital communications and software help your business?

Image of Tom Conway

Tom is passionate about helping businesses embrace technology to grow and thrive. He’s been a business owner himself for many years, so has invaluable first-hand experience of the risks and challenges you face, both as a business, and as individuals, and understands the opportunities that technology can help you access. 

Over the years, Tom gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of digital solutions. In addition, to providing technical advice in these areas, he provides our customers with end-to-end support, covering everything from strategy to funding, helping businesses like yours to:

  • Make considered decisions about technology investment.

  • Gain understanding and knowledge , enabling you to ask the right questions when choosing a solution, developer, or system provider. 

  • Ensure digital solutions provided meet the desired performance and functionality criteria required for future growth.

  • Ensure your chosen solutions work for you and your business at operational as well as decision making levels.

  • Maximise the solutions you already have.

Tom says: “My colleagues and I generally enjoy the challenges and complexities of the rapid evolution of digital solutions and are used to exploring problems and opportunities by working alongside people in business. With lots of knowledge and experience between us, hopefully we can take away some of the ‘pain’  from doing business in the world of technology, and help you to achieve your aims.”

To find out if your business can take advantage of the Digital Upscaler Project please complete and return our questionnaire or contact us for a no-obligation discovery call: T: 0330 053 8639

How can you contact Tom:  

Telephone: 0333 053 8639